Fort Worth Club

After a week that would seemingly never end, I headed out west to the Fort Worth Club, about forty miles from Dallas, Texas. I did get an early start, but the weather was so horrendous; The rain made a “white-out” effect which required hazard flashers for a good hour and a half of the journey. However, after a quick change and freshening up, I headed to the hotel bar to wait for Larry. A gibson and a half hour later, he joined me and had a cocktail with me. We walked a few blocks in the downtown area where we were staying and dined on some bueno Mexican. The hotel we stayed at was established in 1885 and was originally an athletic club. They still only allow members, and Larry is one through his Marine Corps days. The ambiance was quite nice, and the bar featured a large fireplace, bookcases and antique paintings.

The next morning we headed out to tour the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth. Most of the pieces were mid-century, with a few from the late 1990s, as well. Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko and Josef Albers were just a few of the artists whose work was on display. Larry was very intrigued by the German artists. I didn’t think he knew how influential Germany was on the modern art movement. I tricked him into liking modern art. One piece in particular he sat down on a bench, flustered, and said,

“I don’t get this. That painting just looks like a TV with static.”

“You see! It looks like that to you, but I am admiring its consistency and well-executed technique. The fact that you said it looks like something… the artist has achieved his goal.”

Sunday, we walked around downtown and had a quick lunch before heading our separate ways. The town had its heyday in the late 1890s, and even had quite a few Art Deco building gems. My favorite was the petroleum building that featured many owl decorations on the side. Whimsical, yet wise old owls!


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