hearing: the damned – jet boy, jet girl | mood: oddly unsettled

yesterday i went to my grandmother’s to make cookies for the christmas family get-together. i think this might be a conspiracy, however, because the cookies are going to be stale and yucky by christmas anyways. at least they turned out pretty. me and my cousin marjorie and my half-cousin melissa decorated up a storm like a regular martha stewart cookie sweatshop in gharikastan. it was fun, well, besides my grandma saying my boyfriend was “a big lout”. nice one, gramma. my mom said that “lout” meant something different in say, the forties, than it does today. i don’t believe that.

after decorating cookies, i jetted over to matthew’s with my grandma’s copy of “singing in the rain”. i mean who couldn’t love the tap dancing and abundance of flappers and outrageously swanky costumes? “oh pierre, you shouldn’t have come!” wish i would have stayed in tap dancing lessons, but i’d need numerous layered sports bras. i saw debbie reynolds in concert about five years ago; it was at this conference full of older people… and she sang and danced and was just wonderful. watching the movie made me want to cut my hair short again a la clara bow.

tonight, matty took me to the olive garden, which was quite nice. but… tomorrow are more exams at school, like today. i had physics and web design tests. tomorrow? economics and english and then i am free! this is stephanie in physics, and rachel in economics, doing what we all do best in there. the test is 200 questions long… and that’s ridiculous.

i was walking along the hallway, and there are posters to encourage students to give their canned food for the needy food drive. they all say “don’t get fat this xmas… give food away!” or “don’t be a scrooge! send in your canned foods!” nice. oh, it also took me 45 minutes to leave the school parking lot today because of the stupid students i go to school with. they DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DRIVE. “yes, now i am going to drive right into the side of your car because i can’t wait my turn.” i hate hate hate teen drivers. especially the ones that have the sides of their cars smashed in.

brian told me monique’s junk shop has al jolson and benny goodman records. gift ideas for moi! and he says monique doesn’t know what she has, so they’re way cheap. i want to frame them and hang them on my wall. that’s what some of my decor will look like when i get my own place. light blue walls, maybe, with happy sheet music from the 20’s and 30’s hanging on the walls in skinny black frames. and mirrors, lots of mirrors. jesus, that brian kid rox my sox. one day, a ivor novello look-alike will sweep me off my feet and not drop me and we’ll listen to white zombie and paul whiteman together.

look! a fifties car in my silly little town!

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