fire show

hearing: silence | feeling: confused

since i went to sleep around one in the morning, why did i wake up at nine? i guess eight hours of sleeps is plenty, after all. but i’m one to muck about in bed for a few more hours. plus, it’s the cheapest way to pass the time. however, today i have lots to do! i brought a carload of things from home: clothes, junk, decorations, etc. and have to reorganize basically everything before my head explodes. my living room is looking more and more awesome! matthew helped me put a 30’s looking lamp together and i brought my old black sewing machine. i told him when my new room mate walks in to the apartment next week, she’s going to say “oh i feel like i’m at grandma’s house!” hooray for that.

and now i give you the happenings of while i was away from orlando. in photos, partially because i don’t feel like writing a big long story that would bore everyone to a coma anyway. so without further adieu:

matthew, chuck, and nick. chuck is wearing a neat meatmen shirt.

skinhead jared. he’s really nice despite his looks.

this one band had these rad heads that played drum beats when you hit them.

the obscene.

the back of my head. stylin’!

the green goblyn project, the band everyone came to see, really.

no offense, robby.

circle pit was painfully exciting.

alex, matt, matty, dan.

palin after the show.

kathi and stephanie.

people rearranged the sign outside of the fire station.

singing with green goblyn.

a neat ambulance that said “mortuary transport” on it.

me, matty, robby, and jackie after the show.

a graveyard near my old house.

this church was built in the late 1800’s.

this gravestone is the oldest in the graveyard.

a creepy mausoleum.

glad that’s over with. i am so terribly happy to be out of high school. a kid still stuck there told me yesterday there was no one quite like matty and palin. no one really as unique or interesting since they graduated this year. how sad. even teachers were saying how they missed their special charm. meanwhile, supposed friends are being all weird and acting very distant lately. go figure! you think you know a guy/gal…

and to close this all up, a hideous photo of me driving. hey, it was a neat angle. off i go to organize! photos of the living room coming soon.

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