hearing: tiger army – power of moonlight | feeling: unenthused

millions of kinds of cookies? cakes? that means the parents are home! i did good with the sweets and stuff… until now.

we shot the silent film yesterday! yes, we shot the whole thing, and i edited it on the computer in one day. how’s that for speed? it’s nine minutes long about. it’s for film club at my school, and will be shown for the “film club awards ceremony” — or so i’m told. i think it will be the best nine minutes of everybody’s life. ever.

we shot the film inside the 30’s cafe, and brought in crazy amounts of furniture – an area rug, peacock feathers, a lamp, two chairs, a chaise lounge, a photo (circa 1900) of my great-great grandparents, and other twenties looking items. i did the makeup for most, and the guys had thick eyebrows and darkly shaded eyes. so cute, and dan even parted his hair on the side and slicked it. my eyes almost fell out when i saw him. it was way fun to get all dressed up, and i’ll be sure to post photos as soon as i receive them.

friday night, matthew took me to dinner. we were waiting to meet billie and nick (who had opted for japanese) at barnes and noble, and found dave and jeff instead. we chatted for a moment, but left shortly after for some ice cream. i got a chocolate ice cream cone with cookie dough. i love cookie dough. and how come dimples are cute on your face, but not on your thighs?

matt’s mother asked him when he was planning to date anyone else. that wasn’t very nice. what’s wrong with me? (that’s a rhetorical question, kids.) i think i’m a pretty nice person to have a relationship with. please like me! oh, and only one month ’til i move out! orlando, here i come!

i’m thinking about graduation, and how it’s only what, fourteen days away? i will be through with high school! although i think that the only good i’ve gotten out of high school is how to show off your fashion sense. the last two years of it, at least. so i’m supposed to have this huge shindig here at my house; my parents want to get one of those crazy luau pigs roasted and have its head on a platter with fruit around it. it’s fine with me, but i suggested pool side to show off my new red retro bathing suit i ordered. all the family should be there, and a few family friends… and anyone i invite. anyone who wants to come and isn’t disturbing or insane or obsessive is more than welcome! i’ll save some potato salad pour vous. drop me a comment if you wanna come, or have ideas who should show up (like carmen miranda! she can bring the fruit salad!).

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