For Thanksgiving, Larry and I bolted out of work Wednesday to drive up to Dallas. We stayed at the Renaissance hotel downtown, on the 22nd floor. Here is the view from the window of the room:

Wednesday evening we went to visit my parent’s long-time friends who had invited us to their family’s Thanksgiving dinner (they were having it a day early). The mother is very OCD and will drive you nuts with her controlling tendencies, but she and the rest of the family are very kind. The next day their daughter Lauren (she’s 26) had a harp playing gig at the OTHER Renaissance Thanksgiving lunch, so we went to that as well. Champagne before noon is always a must in my book.

For Thanksgiving dinner, I took Larry to the A href=”http://www.oldwarsaw.com” target=”_blank”>Old Warsaw. I ordered lamb but they were out. So I ordered duck, and they were out. I ended up, after insisting that I get to order off the “other” menu, getting pheasant. . I tipped the pianist/violinist combo after they played my requests of “Vienna Blood” and “Jalousie”. Larry requested “Lili Marlene”.

Friday night, Larry took me to this hip sushi joint, and he was uber uncomfortable ordering sushi.

At the Dallas World Zoo & Aquarium. Larry liked the penguins.
I liked the different salt water tanks from all around the world.

Me with some Amazon natives. Fashion clashin’ alert.

Beautiful seahorse.

This weekend we’re jetting over to Corpus Christi to see GWAR. Also on the agenda: 562d Flying Training Squadron Christmas Party. I’m wearing this. Probably put a red bow in my hair or something. Nothing says “skeeze up an Air Force Christmas Party” like skin-tight satin dresses and dangerously high heels. The “theme” is casino, so I might wear a hair pin with a royal flush or dice or something. All rockabilly n’ shit.

Christmas cards: Who wants one? You can either comment with your addy or e-mail me.

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