Me today, on my way to the mall.

I ended up buying an indigo bra, fishnets, a garter belt, & hugeass leopard print hoop earrings. Everything together was $50! Do any of you ladies make an effort to buy/wear unlined bras? I have this stick up my ass about only wearing unlined bras. I feel like lined ones are all foam-y and make your boobs look fake & feel rock hard. Plus, did you know other countries (like in Europe) make fun of America’s nipple shyness? I mean really people, where did all the nipples go? It’s perfectly normal I don’t think it’s offensive in the least bit! hearts;

… spoiler alert: click here to get a preview of my Halloween costume. Shh! No telling anyone (or snagging ideas)!

26 thoughts on “Fashions.

  1. gorgeous!!

    My goodness! What a transformation!! There are very few things in this world more beautiful than a girl who can pull off ultrashort hair. And you, my dear, pull it off triumphantly.

      • Re: Right back at ya…..

        Wow. Double compliments.
        That’s the first time I’ve ever gotten the “Julie Andrews” comparison. I get “Julia Roberts” all the time. I never know what the hell people are looking at when they say that.
        Julie Andrews, however…. Yeah, I can see it now. Now, if you could just tell me I SOUND like her when I sing, my ego-swell will be complete.

        And in my big-headedness, I forgot to mention………….

        YOU LOOK GREAT!!!

  2. You dont know me, but when I typed in an interests search under “Aurora Miranda”, you were the only thing that came up! I was wondering if you had any of her songs avalible for sharing. I am actually looking for the song she sings as Yaya the cookie seller in the Disney movie The Three Caballeros. If you have that song, comment. BTW, Im adding you.

  3. BEST costume ever!

    I’ve heard that women with smaller breasts often have more THO than women with larger breasts. Hence, I don’t have the THO problem very often. It’s hard for me to get unlined bras, because when I’m looking for a bra, it’s not so much about the looks as it is concrete foundational support. Sigh… I need a contractor for my chest.

    • I totally hear ya about the concrete foundational support. most of the time I get either Calvin Klein or Body by Victoria’s Secret because they do a great job of having thick enough fabric to hold everything in. In VS yesterday I was like, “Who wants some of my boob fat! I don’t want it. You can have it, free!”

  4. I have a problem with nipples haha. I always have to wear a lined bra because I feel weird and exposed if you can see my nipples. That and I have this fear that everyone will be staring at them if they can see them.That and my boobs aren’t small so I need the extra coverage and support.

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