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it’s so strange to see that “03” there in the date. so very strange. tomorrow i return to school and begin three three hour night classes. i’m graduating in four and a half months. this fall i’ll be a sophomore in college.

my lovebird died. i went to stay the night at my aunt’s house, and there was a cold front that swept in while i was unknowingly inside, safe and warm. noelle, the birdie, was around fourteen years old – grandma aged. she had broken her wing once and didn’t even let us know. she just let it heal up, although she couldn’t fly ever again. she mothered three lovebird chicks (one of them we kept). she was very sick – her green and orange feathers turned brown and yellow about six months ago. i found her ‘sleeping’ on the bottom of the cage when i returned the following afternoon.

i placed her in a pretty flower print makeup bag, zipped it shut, wrote a farewell message on the outside, and dug her a grave a couple feet from the river. she has the finest lot in the world. no shoeboxes for this bird. she deserved better. however, i think i made an older lady in my condo upset. when i, coming out of the elevator, clutching my small coffin, answered tearfully “my birdie died!” when she asked how i was. “oh i’m terribly sorry to hear that, darling!” i wore a hat to hide most of my face as the funeral procession at the river proceeded.

i hate when animals die. people? people are cruel and disgusting creatures, in general. people are more expendable. animals don’t do anything wrong, and it’s a shame when we lose them. you always think “oh, how could i have treated them better?” but you then remember that you can’t keep anything forever.

my parents return from their trip today. i cleaned the house up, and cleaned out the old birdcage. i gave all the toys to the other lovebird, so it’s spoiled rotten. that is one noisy bird. and now it has a big cage to itself.

the past few days have certainly flown by, it being the end of vacation and all. i’ve spent a lot of time with my boy, which has been a dream. he’s been so kind to see that i didn’t starve while left home. he generously took me out to eat.

i bought “house on haunted hill”, the new one, on dvd. i just love the ghoulish asylum set in the 1930’s and that theme throughout the film. but it still lacks vincent price, like the orginal has. i also got hello kitty’s little book of big ideas.

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