sunday was dreary. the weather was rainy and windy. i went home with matty to “talk” and to have band practice, although he wasn’t “allowed” because he had to study (which he didn’t anyway, oh well). i told him i hate how he just disappears every weekend without paying any mind that he has a girlfriend that wants to spend time with him. he almost dumped me, i think. who knows. but he said i’m angry all the time. i can’t help it.

so i went to jake’s house and he and i worked on frumps songs. we got them down, yay. no one else showed up, dave went to satellite beach. oh well, we got the things down that we needed.

all this morning when i got up my mom bitched at me about my exams and how i didn’t study. this is me caring? uhh no. it’s not like yelling at me is gonna change the grades i got. i almost wish i would have been in some dramatic car accident with some wonderful, devastatingly handsome person coming to my rescue, all romantic-like. that way she would shut her mouth forever about the whole thing.

ya so today i had my web design exam and my algebra II exam. i dunno how well i did on my algebra exam, even with my five extra credit points. eek. i got a 100 on my web design exam. woo hoo. tomorrow? why, english and french! f for me!

i need to find a decent priced cowboy hat. it has to be black and not leather. i know you can find one on ebay, but they’re dorky right now. i wanna get one for matt. he’d look good in one.

yeah so i wanna get myself cleaned up and straightened out, thanks to this lovely site. go there now. *cakes on white makeup*

beethoven’s fifth symphony from saturday night fever rox my sox. download it now.

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