hearing: reverend horton heat – jezebel | feeling: antsy

friday night i attended a swing dance at a local religious coffee shop. swing is swing, regardless of religious interference. however, the dance was fun, and i have decided to continue taking my swing lessons with a private instructor. somehow i will find the money. i might sell out and put a “donate” button; but i don’t get naked or do anything that interesting, so i doubt i’ll reap much for that cause. kaboom.

the dance began with an informal lesson by an instructor couple that weren’t necessarily my style. they weren’t in the least bit trying to dress for the occasion, especially since they were teachers. the gal wore some ratty teeshirt and a shapeless red skirt that hit unflatteringly mid calf. she wore sneakers with quarter socks that made her ankles look fat. i thought swing instructors are all supposed to be like mine. cold hands and red dress shirts. and this other girl there was quite good as well, but every time she did a turn, you could see her ass. not cute at all! like this highly unflattering photo of me.

i wore my black halter swing dress and t-strap dance shoes. kim was there; she looked spectacular in a vintage-looking 50’s hat and coat, black polka dot dress. the music was too slow, but i told them to kick it up a notch with some tommy dorsey. he said “let me find something you’d know.” i said “try me.”

sunday i spent far too much more than calculated on things for my new apartment. on top of that, i bought my big bad voodoo daddy ticket. i also saw “bruce almighty”, which was downright fun and adorable. you must see it! it’s guuuuhhd.

today i also went shopping for a dress. a dress. that was all i asked. i trudged over to merritt island’s mediocre mall and winced as i entered the heap of crap that equalled the low end stores. i remembered some cute style dresses at dillard’s, so i began there. i found some in size L and XL. after struggling in the fitting room and ripping one part way, i realized there was no way these dresses were going to fit over the chesticles. i moved over to burdine’s. tried their XL, but to no avail. who are the girls that are wearing these flat-chested garments of doom? and where do the larger gals shop? excuuuse me for looking like a woman. (remember, the women’s department has the same clothes, but charges $40 more for them.) i figured i’ll get some shopping done in orlando, while i spent the gift certificate on dvd’s. what it is.

yes! photos from graduation and me rocking at galaga:

“fancy hose, silken gowns… you’d be out of place in your own hometown.”

matty gave me a little plastic toy that looks like paul whiteman. it’s wearing a tux and top hat. he likes me a lot. matty, that is.

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