Entrances & Exits

I believe summer has threatened to leave us here in North Dakota. On September first, the temperatures dropped from the low eighties to the mid-fifties. I had to throw an extra blanket on my bed, and the chickadees have been in full, fluffy force on my bird feeder. Did you know they only weigh 0.4 ounces? They’ve also been joined by a menagerie of Downy woodpeckers and nuthatches. I love the theatrics carried out at my feeder; Each bird has its own little personality!

So, I returned from Alaska on Friday evening; My commander was good enough to put me on the first jet coming home. Larry left for his deployment the next morning at 3:30am. At 4:30pm, the parents rolled in. Not much time to get the house ready! They stayed with me for a week. The purpose of the trip was for my father to help me do some things around the house and garage damaged by the flood. I felt bad because everyday he was up here, he worked eight hours; I rigged some new electrical boxes, cut & assembled some duct board, and did some basic carpentry. I’m handier than you think! More on this later. Anyway, my mom took care of most of the cooking, and went along to run errands with me. While they were here, they celebrated their thirty-seventh wedding anniversary! I took them to a nice restaurant in town. Overall, it was a pleasant visit and I was sad to see them go. I was also sad to see Larry go; I’ll see him again next May. Ladies, appreciate the time you have to spend with your gentlemen friends – I wish I had more time.

Take note that I ordered this fabulous silk dress from Banana Republic, and have been getting my money’s worth out of it. I wore it with an updo for a fancier look (see near above photo), and threw a cardigan over it paired with a vintage pin for a casual look with my hair down (upper photo). I wore the second to a baby shower on Saturday evening. The shower was for a fellow co-worker. The party began at four pm, and about ten ladies were in residence. However, because the Black Eyed Peas were playing some charity show (with tickets at $100 a piece), half the party left no more than an hour later to make that concert. It struck me as a little unkind to the shower host and guest of honor, especially because she’s had a tough time of this whole situation to begin with. She doesn’t have an entourage 24/7 for support, if you know what I mean. Amie and I stayed past the end and had blocked out our whole evening to chill at the baby shower anyway… that’s how parties should be – if you say “yes” to one engagement, don’t rush it to make another. It’s okay to tell someone “no”.

In other news, I am planning my first social hostess’ engagement in Minot. It’s slated for October first, and it’s a “Mad Men theme”. In other words, I don’t want people wearing jeans and flip-flops. Nowadays it’s pretty upsetting that you have to have a theme party to avert that fashion crisis, but as I see it: I am putting a lot of time, planning, and resources into having a nice evening with my friends; I would appreciate a little effort. I don’t think it’s too much to ask. I’ve grown extremely weary of jeans and such little effort women put into their appearance. Anyway, I have to finish the downstairs powder room before that date. I have to install a sink and toilet, wallpaper and paint the walls, tear up the tile and lay down wood floors, and attach base molding. I’ve ordered the sink and light fixtures and switch plates, but the tile will be heinous to rip up. Being that I don’t own a tile cutter or means to remove it orderly, a crow bar and hammer will have to do. DESTRUCTION!

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