hearing: Frank Sinatra – As Time Goes By | mood: exhausted

he said i looked like a 1950’s movie star.

my exciting week of chaos and free for all is over today. i made the most of it, i believe. yesterday, i worked. matty came in to visit and get lunch. i closed, then we drove to my house to change really quick. he said he was going to josh’s, and i wanted to go also. they were going to work on the haunted forest set. i actually got suckered into the whole thing through my vanity. i wasn’t going to be a part of the whole thing, until matt said i could be a nurse. then i agreed. figures.

we stopped by a not so great thrift store, and then we were on our way. when we got there, josh, alex, the guy, and jill were there. matt immediately yelled “why the fuck is ugly here?” and i wondered the same thing. but the conclusion was if alex was there, she would be too. she’s sewing cloaks for the whole thing. the thing was, nobody was listening to anything i had to say. if i had an idea, they’d ignore it. but finally, brian got there. he’s in the one scene with me. he’s creative and nice, so we sat down and drew up a design for our scene (which is something i mentioned to do like an hour before). that made things a lot easier. we started to work on a few things, and i got to paint paint paint. not without splattering it all over my clothes, of course. we got a lot done, being that the haunted forest is this coming friday and saturday.

ugh, i secretly hated how nice jill was to me. it was all so fake. it’s like, okay, i haven’t talked to you in a year, and didn’t plan to.. and she’s all nice like nothing happened. i’m sorry, i don’t buy that. she offered to let me wear one of her dresses, and i declined. i’m not gonna wear her skanky clothes, and not like her at the same time. i guess that’s just not right; it’s dishonest. we’ll see. but she wants to be a nurse too… *rolls eyes* there goes my originality. but my scene is first, so i’m not caring all that much. and i’ll get kickass gory makeup, too.

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