dye wars

my fleeting happiness is toppling downward. i have to work all day today and then a special event afterwards. that’s going to be loads.

tuesday i got my hair dyed back for my senior pictures i had to take on wednesday. i went to this spa place, very ritzy and such, and tina set to work on stripping the black away. it worked the first time, except an orangy red colour was left behind on top of blondish. so she put the dark brown colour, and it went black again. we repeated the first step, but to no avail. after going through that again, with my scalp tingly and numb and my hair going to fall out, she bleached it again and applied the dye. the results were that the roots were orange and the rest was this auburn/ chestnut/ black/ brown mix that looked all right (if not for the roots), but not for senior pictures. four and a half hours at the salon. four and a half hours! and then, they told me it would cost $110! that’s a whole paycheck for me! if i knew it was going to be that much… yeah, so i got the pictures done, and they looked positively hideous. my hair was so “worn out” from all the dyes and things that were slapped on the day before, that it just frizzed out and laid flat, all at the same time. devastating.

so i called tina back and said i was unhappy with the results, especially for $110. she scheduled me to come back in on thursday to fix everything up. so busy – i had an appointment with my counselor at the community college to talk about my dual enrollment that morning! so busy. so i went to that appointment, got some money orders for some ebay winnings, sent off a package from my shop, went to work, and then to the spa. it took another hour or so, but it’s finally a darkish brown colour. it looks all right, but the moral of this story is:

buy the damn dye at the store and do it yerself.

but i am going to miss my black hair… for the time being. red lipstick just doesn’t look as glamourous with brown hair.

friday night i went to swing lessons with matty. he drove in the only car he had at the time, the van with no air conditioning (it’s 96F here in the day). so i went upstairs to snag a new cd that i burned (i just got the burner fixed!), and i thought, “hey! i can take dad’s car – it has air!” so i grabbed the keys as well as the cd’s. when i came back downstairs, he seemed really mad that we were taking my dad’s car, at least that’s what it seemed like. the whole way there he didn’t say more than two words. confusing. we argued when we pulled into the lessons place about how much it cost for lessons, communication, etc. i guess what came out of that was we’re both poor and can’t afford lessons every week. so every other week is the way to go.

after swing lessons, we had no money. we dug around in my dad’s car for change, in our pockets, etc. we came up with a little over two dollars. “two for two at mcdonald’s!” matty cries. so two for two at mcdonald’s it was. with waters. i think it was the cheapest date we’d ever been on, but hey, the food wasn’t so bad. but the company? well… ha ha. since we were close to melbourne stephanie’s house, we drove by to see if she was home. she was working… so we drove to boston market. “she just left..” ahh, whatever.

on the way home, we talked of music and cowboy outfits. am i the only one that thinks kid rock is sexy in the “cowboy” video? okay okay okay… yes, it’s a really lame song (remake!), kid rock is a sleaze ball, there’s midgets, and scantily clad girls hanging all over him. lame. but still, he’s wearing these fruity chaps and a cowboy hat… that’s way sexy. like my purse.

then we argued some more in a parking lot. i guess i’m just really stressed out from everything. i was thinking some time this week, about how hard it is to tell people that i love them. it takes me so much “stuff” to muster up to say it. i never tell my parents i love them, they tell me about once or twice a year. i’m not used to someone saying it… and now i am in a lasting relationship and i’m just not the one used to being in the situation. my parents don’t hug me or anything, ever, and it’s uncomfortable when they offer, ever. it’s just difficult for me to.. bah, i don’t know.

today i work eight hours straight. i hate waitressing on saturdays. why can’t i just hide in the kitchen like the rest of the week, and make food? let’s just say i’m not the friendliest waitress. i just can’t! ha ha. people never visit me, so wish me luck and many tips.

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