Dude, whatever.

Everyone needs to chill out. I have fifty million things going on in my life right now and everybody is trying their damndest to stress me out. Are you going here? Are you taking care of this for me? Will you spend this money? Will you sleep with me? Are you going there? Are you existing to do things for me?

NEWSFLASH! I am starting a new job, still working the old one, taking college trig, getting acquainted with a new Air Force liaison to get my physicals/paperwork/entire rest of my life squared away, and it’s just expected that I drop what I am doing and run around to try to deal with everyone’s stupid shit. As you can see, things like who’s in the MySpace Top 8 are super important in this grand scheme of things that I have going on right now. Seriously? Are you really serious?? Have you guilty offenders asked me how things were going or if I needed help? Never!

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