Drongos and Crud

CHEEKY. — Last weekend, it was a member of my crew’s birthday, so we rustled up some people to go into Tumon. Tumon is the “touristy” part of Guam, that attracts Japanese tourists. It’s known as “the poor Japanese’s Hawaii”. It’s just an avenue packed with high-end shopping, fine hotels, and of course, beaches. Upon crashing a hotel called The Outrigger, we set up shop on some lounge chairs overlooking the beach. When I turned around, there was an old, leathery-tan Japanese man reading an ancient book while laying on his belly. The kicker was he was wearing a speedo… tucked into his cheeks. It really launches that LMFAO song a totally new hemisphere. “Layin on the beach tryin’ to tan my cheeks.” I also noticed he managed to snag a lounge chair right in front of the hotel’s security camera. Bahaha! Sucks for those security monitors. I imagine they’d have taken a long lunch.

After the beach, we ate some fresh fish tacos at a local restaurant called Margharita’s. Excellent food and the copious amount of Sangria was quite fabulous, too. Below is a photo I took looking out my front door at sunrise. Just past these palm trees and a few houses is ocean. Thousands of miles of open ocean.

ENERGIZER BUNNY. — I’ve worked out every day since I last posted. I don’t see a lot of change yet, but I sleep well each night. I’m just afraid that when I get back to North Dakota, it’ll be too cold to jog outside, and it’ll be back to long hours and long weeks at work, with little time to exercise. My commander talked to me briefly the other day in his office and explained he might have selected me for an exec job in the squadron upon our return. The exec is like the commander’s secretary – but is still in the military. I manage e-mail, telephone calls, paperwork, schedules and things like that. It is a step up from what I have now, which is nothing special besides flying. Being an exec unlocks a lot of career opportunities and lets you keep a pulse on all the goings-on in the squadron. Additionally, I asked specifically for this job and I may get it. It’s about an eight month gig, with longer and shorter length depending on the commander (we’re getting a new one soon). Maybe I can get up super early and work out in the mornings before work so I can spend maximum time with Larry in the evenings! We all are rooting for that, right?

N3RD N01Z3. — The other day, my room mate asked what Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was all about. I told her it was about slaying dragons that are trying to wipe out the land. She watched for a minute then said, “Is it like Lord of the Rings?” to which I immediate replied, “Oh no way! Lord of the Rings is so dorky, about elves and trolls and dra…oh. Damn. It’s exactly like Lord of the Rings. I feel like a gigantic fantasy nerd now. & here is a photo of Amie and I at the Officer’s Club here on Guam. There was a Crud tournament, which our squadron won. Crud is like playing pool in a mosh pit. The photobomber’s expression says it all, really.

N3RD N01Z3. — Lastly, there is a quaint black bird here on Guam that I’ve identified as a Fork-Tailed Drongo. It has a cute long forked tail, and the most unique calls. In the morning, it takes a cue from Carlos Mencia, with a metallic sounding clatter, followed by “Dee Dee Deet!”. Makes me laugh on my walks to work. Oddly enough, it only makes the Carlos Mencia call in the mornings. The Drongo is a tenant of India, the Philippines, South China, and of course, tiny islands nearby. This has been your fascinating, exotic bird update for the week!

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