thirty-nine days until halloween. here is a picture to put you in the mood. no, i’m not saying the boy is scary, just the car. i think.

my boy modeling his hearse. quaint.

i’ve come up with a new plan. if i save my lunch money at three dollars per day, that’s fifteen bucks a week. that’s sixty bucks a month i can buy things with. but i always get so hungry i spend some of it. today i got a chicken sandwich from wendys for 99 cents. i felt guilty that i actually spent my lunch money. i sound like an addict. just stick an iv in me filled with tights and shoes and ugly dresses.

i’m listening to nine inch nails and my computer keeps lagging and it’s driving me crazy. it freezes every two seconds making it skip and everything. snot.

today was nothing really special at school. i can’t tell you one thing that stood out besides this candid picture of rachel.

yesterday me and stephanie went shopping. the salvation army was closed, so we went to the mall. i found a skirt on sale in burdines for twelve dollars. yeah so i was thrilled. it’s a black western-ish skirt with ruffles. i also went to the halloween store, where they were having a sale, and bought two pairs of stripey tights and red fake eyelashes. all for fifteen. why are stupid, shitty accessories more expensive than a nice, lined article of clothing? grr, go figure.

teph in physics. that girl looks scared sitting next to her.

my attempts at finding a feather plume for my homecoming outfit are becoming a futile effort. i looked all over those stores in the mall, and between two halloween stores and a million teenybopper accessories shops, nothing. my mom says i should stick an ace and a queen in my brassiere. oh hell yeah. she checked the mall today; found nothing. imagine that.

there was this crazy metal sheriff’s badge with two bullet holes in it that i want matty to get. i never know if something i wanna get him is either hideous or way cool. there’s no in between with him. many a things i have purchased i haven’t seen since i gave him. back o’ the closet, no doubt. he can buy that badge, and then the fox that’s still cooped up in the mall pet store!

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