ah, i just got home. somehow more eye makeup comes off my face each day than what i put on it. smudge.

tonight i went to see “stealing harvard” with matty. yanno, that tom green movie. it was surprisingly fun and all, and i didn’t mind it one bit. matty liked the part where the dog kept humping the guy’s leg. i liked the part where he tells the judge he has the picture. anyways, after that, we went to steak n’ shake. i forgot what we talked about, but i remember talking about hats and why no one had seen us yet. there was a show at ground zero, passive resistance’s last show. that’s why we hadn’t run into anyone yet.

at barnes and noble, we looked at various magazines. we looked at rue morgue together and read the review of green goblyn’s cd they did. vincent price was on the cover. that’s fitting, because vincent was the most glamourously horrifying man ever! i read a vanity fair and he attacked the toy mags. on our way out, we ran into katie dozier. she was still very outgoing and nice and all. i miss having chemistry with her. wait, chemistry was two years ago.

in the can. classy.

for once matty didn’t want to go to the show. too many people he didn’t really want to talk to. understandable; four years going to the shows and i still don’t know quite where to fit in. i wanted melbourne stephanie to go, but she was looking at cars tonight and still didn’t have a ride. kim invited me, which was oh so kind, but i just wasn’t up to it. kim invited stephanie to go to homecoming with her, so she gets to go dance to terrible music in a hot, cramped redneck EXPO center. we hold our wonderful dances in an metal EXPO center. lame.

i made my hair appointment for homecoming yesterday. i called around five different places, and they were either booked, or didn’t work on saturdays. the lady i talked to’s studio is almost across the street from my house, which is always good. she wants me to come in sometime in the next few weeks so she can see my hair. i’m supposed to bring a photo in of what i want my hair to look like, the up do and all. first of all, i have no idea what kind of up do i want.

“hello, what kind of style are you…HOLY SHIT YOUR BANGS ARE SHORT. i mean…”
“i know. uh… trashy saloon hair.”

not cute.

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