Five days off! Five days only! Five days off!

Passed my intermediate navigation test. Check ride in a couple weeks.

Got my hair highlighted so I’m blonde. Sweet. Doesn’t look like it from this photo. It looks really hot. I look high.

Today I made cupcakes and homemade chicken pot pie. I also reactivated my XboxLive account so I’ve been on Rock Band 2 non-stop. Also been on Oblivion again, since Matt kept all the gaming schlock. Finally got around to buyin’ my own. It’s a thousand degrees in Texas. I could bake cookies on the sidewalk.

& I’m off to peruse my new Wallpaper* because it’s all about sex influencing design. My two favorite things. Magazines and design, duh.

I keep having this awful nightmares about Jill trying to be all buddy with me. I bet she’s bending my bicycle seat and deeming it a biohazard. Dicks thinks I should Craigslist for a new one and make it a TANK GIRL bike because the other’s a lost cause. I just might.

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