Dallas Fair Park

This past week I had a canceled flight. It was my last flight in the left seat while here at Barksdale AFB. For the next three flights I will be in the right as navigator, in preparation for my check ride. They have moved our FTU graduation from November fifth to November twenty-ninth, the day after we return from “Thanksgiving Vacation”. This means I will have to spend Turkey Day in Shreveport. The silver lining is that Larry will fly down from Minot to help me drive up with all my things. We’ll also get a couple days at my parents’ house in the Appalachian mountains, too, on the way North.

There have been whisperings of it being a warmer winter this season; my mother said the leaves haven’t been changing as fast. I know last year, when I was at SERE (Survival) School, that Arctic front that moved through the nation the second week of January? I was camping in the mountains of Eastern Washington during it, in a terrible sleeping bag on the ice. Without a tent. Hopefully my first winter north of the forty-eighth latitude line is as mild as possible! Now wouldn’t that be something?

This past weekend, Larry booked us a stay at the Renaissance hotel in Dallas. Since it was a long weekend for Columbus Day, it couldn’t have been a better time. Saturday we lazily wandered around a couple furniture shops, but it wasn’t our lucky day. I did, however, find a magnetic knife rack. That evening, he took me to Truluck’s Seafood Restaurant. The atmosphere was amazingly art deco, with rich wood paneling and lots of shiny stainless steel accents. The food was equally as breathtaking: I ordered Cioppino, seven kinds of fresh seafood in a tomato broth. It included calamari, shrimp, dungeness crab, clams, mussels, swordfish, & scallops. Larry ordered filet mignon. I figured I’d better dine on as much fresh seafood before I move North! No fresh fish available in the frozen midwest!

On Sunday, we took a trip across town to see what the Dallas State Fair had to offer. It’s the largest fair in the nation, with the largest selection of specialty fried food. Sadly, the lines for said treats were monstrously long, so buying any caloric nightmares was out. The event was held in Fair Park, which was built in 1936 for the World’s Fair. The buildings and statues were so beautiful and deco! However, I was most excited about the livestock and poultry shows – I absolutely love ducks and chickens; I had them growing up. I also enjoyed seeing young children and high school members of the FFA showing off their prized hens, dairy cows and pigs. I think raising livestock and learning about the care and keeping of animals is a great hobby that requires patience and hard work. Plus, you get a tasty meal perhaps! Poor Wilbur…

And casually sweeping over the internet for photos from last week’s Oktoberfest yielded a first hit of these photos, where I am subtly blocking the other ladies from the shot. Devin looks rather dashing in his lederhosen, and according to Larry, “Quite Austrian.” Thanks to the Airman that took these with her 20 megapixel camera for Barksdale’s web site! The General also approves (he’s the smiling gentleman to the right of Devin).

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