did anyone besides me notice that it was 7-11 today? near my house there’s this really scuzzy part of town with drug dealers and hookers and a really gross hotel called the aladdin motel. you get crabs if you stay there, i’ve heard. anyways, there’s a 7-11 there and every time i get a damn money order, the cashier calls “MONEY ORDER FOR $71.64!” or “MONEY ORDER FOR $82.68!!”… and then i have to walk to my car. yeah, as if being scared of the sleaze parking lot in the first place wasn’t enough, walking to my car through the sleaze parking lot with money orders that everyone knows about is any better. so the moral to this story? people shouldn’t call out your money order amounts! it’ll be the death of me.

yesterday the frumps had practice. after practice, matty dyed my roots and pieces that were missed before. thank god! it was getting out of hand. then we visited jay and watched him play NESticle on his computer. it was fun seeing all the rad nintendo games, like back to the future and castlevania. he made us grilled cheese sandwiches. i took the unburnt one because i’m better.

today i worked, and 2 customers came in. but i didn’t mind because we made chicken salad today, and i got to eat some. yum.

after work, i went to my gramma’s house. after she drew me some 1940’s hair styles to copy, she helped me put the curlers in my hair. i left them in and came home and sat around for a couple hours. i got all dressed up with nowhere to go, and felt pretty sad.

so i called glenn, evan, and stephanie and no one was at home. i called matty, but i knew he had band practice today. he answered the phone finally and i told him i was sad and had no where to go…or something along those lines. he said he’d call jay and see what was going on and come pick me up. i danced off to the bathroom and took my hair out.

i sloughed on my red lipstick and such and matt picked me up. yeah, he oo’d and ahh’d so take that! we picked up a pizza for his parents and then headed out to jay’s. from there we went to some party at his friend’s house and i played yahtzee. some party. but i did win the yahtzee by one point (a lousy 198). that made it better.

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