Culture Crowding

MAD BEATS. — I’ve been listening to a lot of 1990s electroclash/big beat lately. Chris left a hard drive with all his music here, and among it I found Aphex Twins’ Selected Ambient Works 85-92. Sometimes you just need to shut it all off and think about nothing. Big beat aids in that endeavor. Oddly enough, it also helps you to create and think of ideas if the mood should strike.

SO WHAT. — The Air Force Navigators/Observer’s Association called me yesterday to ask if I wanted to be their keynote speaker at their annual convention in Savannah this year. My boss says I can go, but I wonder if the Association thought about importing a female instructor from the Navigator Training Program to speak. Now, I get that I am their youngest member, and I am their first and only female member, so they would like to see what I have to say. The old heads are quite intrigued by my membership. It’s still a man’s military, but we ladies get to play once in a while.

Is that too politically incorrect to say to retired Colonels? It’s true. My friend Crystal is moving to teach at the Navigator Training School in a couple weeks; I was going to ask her if she’d be interested in the opportunity. Her farewell dinner was this weekend; Larry and I braved subzero temperatures to join the festivities. A big North Dakota outing… to the local steakhouse. I had a salad and potato and three too many cocktails. Standard.

すし. — I tried my first attempt at crafting sushi last night. Nailed it, first try. People, it’s not super tough! Just Google “How to make sushi” and there are tons of video resources. I made $40 worth of restaurant sushi for about $13. Bargain basement here, people. Mm, bargain sushi. Get some. Anyway, I threw together a shiitake mushroom fish stock soup to serve with it; that was amazing. Since I went all out last night on sushi, I’m going to grind some wheat berries and make almond butter pancakes for dinner. Whatever.

hax0rz. — I find it extremely disappointing that the student at Dawson College in Montreal, Canada, reported a bug in their servers’ security system so they could fix it, and instead was arrested. I tried to find the news sources about it, but it seems they’ve been scrubbed. Hmm. uberhax. Speaking of which, check out the weather hack from this past weekend. Oh wait, that’s some for real shit.

CLIPPING. — Today I got my hair cut n’ colored with Mr. Ladner. I mean, what? I don’t color my hair or anything…(well, not like I used to). Once again, feels good, man. Here’s an ink sketch I did this weekend. It’s based on the last scene in Hackers.

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