coughin’ it up

hearing: rasputina – endomorph | mood: sickly

it snowed in florida. well, not really SNOWED, but there was some sleet. it was 27F one morning. much too chilly for my thin blood. i donned my black fur coat and faced the worst… what, with my fever and all. i’ve been sick for the past couple of days. i’ve had to work, as well. i swear, i’m going to get pneumonia. or maybe i’m being too dramatic. i feel awful!

when i went out to walk my dog one of these chilly mornings, i heard a strange “chip! chip!” in the condo hallway. i looked over at the window, and a small, brown bird was fluttering against the window, frantically. it probably had been there all night. so i opened up the fire escape door, as it flew happily out. i went downstairs to leave for school, and there it was outside, flapping and pecking. it even had its friend with it.

this is me and jeff making macaroni and cheese in senior survival skills. if it actually came down to “surviving”, i’m sure i wouldn’t be eating macaroni and cheese.

last night me and matts went to longhorn to eat. i felt terrible; dizzy and sore. but i sipped at my hot tea as we waiting 45 minutes for our food. finally, it came and the manager told us the meal would be on the house. we bought dessert, however. after longhorn, we met some people at barnes and noble. we finished dinner just in time to do so, so i thought what the hey, might as well. i saw katty there, and we looked at vogue together and oogled prom dresses and ideas. i thought i was the only one getting ready for prom four months before the event. she is too. i bought my pattern, and i’ve decided on a late 40’s style, floor length dress.

today i’m supposed to go to a barbeque with matty. in the freezing weather.

Habukoshi: bleh! well, then the next pair i get you will have tassels!
Poseur1039: deal.
Habukoshi: and you can wear them for graduation!

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