Corpus Christi & GWAR.

This past weekend, I went down the Corpus Christi, TX (right near Mexico, mang!). The main purpose of the trip was to experience GWAR for about the sixth time, and at the same time introducing Larry to his first rock show. what a way to do it… GWARRR!

I wore pleather pants, dangerously high heels and my White Zombie halter top. Oh yes, and my weave. Guuurrrl please. The show was amazing; I knocked back quite a few. The best songs were “Sick of You”, “A Short History of the End of the World”, and a new spin on “Techno Destructo”. Hadn’t seen that one live until now, which rocks. As I walked to the bar, I was hailed by two gentlemens asking how many times I’d seen White Zombie. “I’m a baby! None!” They were useful in directing me to the merch booth, though, where I purchased the Blood Bath & Beyond! DVD and a sticker for my car. They had no good t-shirts, which I was kind of bummed about. Shame on you, GWAR. The venue was this amphitheater and was like a big warehouse with bay doors that were open. Additionally, there were huge screens and plenty of room. Very kickass!

Sunday morning, I woke up to a beautiful sunrise over the ocean, and an even more beautiful man.

What an amazing view! That’s the USS Lexington, a Naval aircraft carrier that was decommissioned in the 1990’s.

Later, we headed over to tour the above-mentioned USS Lexington. It was massive! They had John McCain’s old aircraft and I learned a bit more about how the Navy works. Gotta love the fact that for fun, I tour museums and old rusty boats. I picked my sister up a tackyass postcard with a scantily clad early 90’s Texas cowboy on zee range, reading “Texas Stud”. Lawlerz.

Larry was accepted to Navy officer training school along with the Air Force one, but chose the Air Force instead.

Firing a bigass anti-aircraft gun. Yeah, for real right?

Jets! As if I haven’t seen enough jets in the past six months. The film they were showing was called “Fighter Pilots”… well, it was either that film or “Lewis & Clark”. Buh. We didn’t go see it, because we rub elbows with them all the time. Pilots, not Lewis & Clark. Heh.

… & finally, Larry and I jetted over to Lackland Air Force Base, where all the enlisted airmen go to boot camp. We decided to attend the graduation parade, which happens every Friday morning. We arrived with about ten minutes to spare, and were standing around. I suggested we look for a place to sit, since it was about forty degrees with chilly, gusty winds.

No, we aren’t going to a silly hat party…

So as we walked towards the bleachers, some over-stressed sergeant with a clipboard asked if we would like to sit in the distinguished visitor’s box, up front and center. Naturally. So we sat with all the generals and colonels and had a grand old time. A lieutenant colonel lent me a pair of gloves. Lt Col’s ♥ me, for real!

Posing in front of the building where we currently work.

This was the loaner car Audi gave us when Larry’s new TT was getting detailed.

Christmas cards should arrive today, and I will be sending them out to all you lucky so-and-so’s. The chosen ones! ♥

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  1. hey, remember you posted those vintagey pix on vintage hair?
    i can’t find them anywhere!
    i want to print them out if it’t ok with you!
    and also, i can’t remember what you are wearing in them, but have a look at the post in vintage hair about someone with a mohawk.
    was that about you?

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