i had to work today- and business was sooo slow. i made 20 bucks which was promptly spent later. everyone had plans or couldn’t go anywhere or were being asslike and didn’t call me, so i decided to make it a night to myself; go shopping and read and such.

so i went to the mall and saw john there, he was working at the cookie place. he said he got off work in an hour, so i went shopping. i got “a night at the roxbury” (finally!) that i always forget about buying. SCORE! woo, anyways, so me and john went to gadzooks (gag) and he tried on some jeans and leather pants, ha! i saw so many shirts that would “be cool IF!!”

after that we went to barnes and noble (of course!) and hung out there for a while. then i took him home. when i got back to my house, my parents were watching the end of “o, brother where art thou”, the only part i hadn’t seen. what great timing on my behalf. so here i am. excitement to the max…ipad.

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