I just spent $200 on clothing for work. So that means it was all black clothing, which is okay in the long run because I wear mostly black anyway. Funeral wench.

However, do not lie to me, Target. I know you think it’s flattering to say I’m a 3/4 but we both know the truth. Just be like DKNY and fess up to the real sizes. Speaking of which, I got a $225 DKNY skirt at TJ Maxx for $20. BCBG heels a Michael Kors belt for under $60. Nice. I was lucky with the dress shopping today, too. I guess I’ll end up wearing mostly skirts and dresses. Pants look silly on me.

Stupid Macy’s training starts tomorrow where I watch videos and sit in front of a dumb computer all day. I want to be excited about this job but it’s just not happening. I know they will be underpaying me and I will be working under my skill level and that it’s just temporary until I can learn about insanely awesome, modern aircraft and how to tell hot shot pilots where to go. Yeah, how would you feel?

Today my new Air Force recruiter called me and said we have to meet this week. I said I moved to Florida. He said he’ll fix it so I can work with someone in the area. Bummer, he sounded really nice.

That’s all for now. I’ll update about the dumb training tomorrow maybe…

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