Christmas Trimmings.

Today I had the day off, so I got to work and decorated my apartment for Christmas. I bought eighteen feet of garland to surgery up and spread the cheer around the place. First, I strung two hundred white lights in the garland for over the fireplace, on the mantle. I bought two branches of glittery red berries, so I wound berries throughout the mantle garland. Next, I hung glittery, retro star ornaments and two stockings. I then made a round candle centerpiece with garland and berries. Lastly, I hung the remaining seven ornaments from the ceiling over the bar with clear fishing line. I dare say it looks pretty festive in here. Then I lit a fire.

While I decorated, I listened to my favorite Christmas music. I enjoy the audio you’d hear in liturgic Lutheran services, like the beautiful Messiah and Richard Proulx & the Cathedral Singers. It makes me think that the composers must have known something inspirational the rest of us don’t. What are your favorite Christmas tunes?

I have tomorrow off from work as well, as there is a 70% chance of SNOW predicted in Friday’s forecast. Snow in southern Texas. Who would have thought? Around here, I hope everyone’s sombrero has a fur lining.

Last Saturday we went riding and I asked my instructor how her Thanksgiving went.

“Oh it was very nice. Very private. First time in a long time my husband and I got some privacy. So… we turned on the Playboy channel and had a very nice evening.” She’s like, 65. Hell yeah! She likes Larry and I because we’re older and easier to teach. Most of her students are under twelve.

So this week at work I was craving something different for lunch besides Subway. I flew to Arkansas, ate barbeque, and flew home. I even had two colonels fly me there.
… Okay, okay, so I was working on visual low-level navigation. That’s five hundred feet above the ground. Get this: a C-130 was flying under us, working on terrain following. That’s flying with your plane’s belly barely scraping the grass.

I watched the President’s speech to West Point last night. Traditionally, you address the nation in matters of war from only one place: the White House. But okay, West Point. As the news cameras panned out to the cadets, they fixed on this row of students: & one guy was sleeping. For like, ten seconds. A few minutes later, they did the same thing to this one chick who was also catching up on some much-needed sleep. They both are getting hammered with grueling Saturday duties, I’m sure. All the Army generals looked too pissed off to sleep.

Way to dime out cadets, news media.

Anyway, sending thirty thousand more troops to Afghanistan. Hm. That’s right next to Iran, right?

“President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said on Wednesday Iran would enrich uranium to a higher level itself, apparently ruling out a U.N.-brokered deal meant to minimize the risk of Tehran producing material for atomic bombs.

“The Zionist regime (Israel) and its (Western) backers can not do a damn thing to stop Iran’s nuclear work,” Ahmadinejad told a crowd to chants of “Death to Israel” and “Death to America.”

C’mon America. Let’s show him what enriched uranium dropped from a B-52 can do. Okay, how about a few JDAMs then. I’m willing to compromise.

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