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i found a hairclip that john gave me a long time ago.

i have a new comic book idea. “night rhino jill and her evil plot to take over the world and all of matty’s close friends!” issue #1 out next entry…

i was listening to “if the kids are united” in my car, and i was very much having a good time. i looked to my right and spied josh in a fancy tan pickup truck. he was rocking out too, but to a lesser degree. he glanced over at me, expressionless. i half smiled…nervously and waved a little to him. he looked straight at me, remained expressionless and continued to drive. rude. what’s the matter with people? i think he’s still angry for what “happened” at the haunted forest over three months ago, but how am i supposed to know? i am angry, although it’s none of my damn business, how he treated my friend stephanie. but if i see an aquaintance in traffic, i do have the common courtesy to acknowledge their presence. especially if we’re both having fun listening to music. and the irony of me hearing “if the kids are united” while this happened.

me and matty and stephanie met at the movie theater on saturday night.

we went and saw ‘chicago’ in the movie theater. i’m not sure if what i’m feeling about it is hollywood butchered it so badly that i think i liked it? …or it was so bad that i hated it. in my opinion, they should have just played the opening scene over and over the entire film. there were only three good scenes; the opening scene, the puppets, and the closing scene. in the jailhouse tango song, it shifted from “vegas meets roaring twenties” to late seventies, early eighties artsy fartsy black costumes. awful, awful, awful. it’s the first time i think i’ve ever laughed at a film so badly. i guess it just had some really great scenes, and then balanced it out with scenes that were just terrible.

being the judgemental kind of gal i am, i decided to piece together a comparison of real period photos with those from the film. note how all the eyebrows, eye makeup, and lips were inaccurate.

they did a pretty good job with roxie, as she looks a tad bit like laura la plante. however, they should have AT LEAST had a ukelele SOMEWHERE in this godforsaken film. part of her stage act? nope, not a one.

catherine zeta-jones makes a god-awful vamp. she would have looked a lot more convincing if they would have borrowed fashion and style sense from olive borden.

instead, she looked more like a watered down, modern louise brooks. and where does this photo have relevance in the 1920’s?

however, queen latifa looked exquisite throughout. did anyone else notice how all of the actors and actresses lacked a chicago accent? it didn’t make the film come alive without that element… among other things.

no comparison needed – she looked very historically accurate.

anyways. we had band practice yesterday. we went over some of the older songs, and worked on a new one. jake is a lot better on drums since the last time we practiced. he looks rather feminine in this picture. hehe.

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Poseur1039: of course!!

“look, it’s miss bettie page, in the flesh!” – old woman customer at work

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