Cette Week-end.

I love the smell of LJ in the morning. It seems everybody updates their journals between 9:30am and 10:30am.

So about my weekend… my sister was in town, as you know. I had to decide between the FX afterparty at Universal (nerds-a-gogo), the Troma Party at Backbooth, or dancing the night away at I-Bar. Before going out to Orlando, we stopped in the ghettoiest part of Cocoa to pick up very important items. 25#162; Marshmallow pies fudge rounds! Hells yes.

Well, we decided to hit up I-Bar in downtown Orlando on 80s/Gawff night. Luckily, I recognized most of the music, as they seemed to be leaning towards Human League Depeche Mode. The place got pretty packed. My sister I met some of her friends there, and it was the first time I didn’t have to pay a $5 cover because I’m twenty one now! My sister bought me cheapass beer all night (o, but is there any other!) because it was my “twenty first birthday celebration.” I lied my pants off people were buying me birthday drinks. I rule.

A couple highlights of the night include:

– Free tequila shots at the bar!
– My sister picking up a hot guy with a “your roots are showing” line (he was wearing a shirt with a tree on it)!
– Bentley Josh tagging my bangs as “fierce!”

I’m glad I could take my sister out to her old stomping grounds! She back goes to Iraq tomorrow… will return in August. I’m cutting some of my classes today to hang out. Everyone talk to me in class on aim: Poseur1039!

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