cat’s outta the bag

i told my parents about matty.

well, what else is there to say? my mom said she needed to talk to me, and i was scared really bad, i mean the worst thing she could accuse me of is having a boyfriend and being sexually active. she hit both. rotton luck! but i told her no i wasn’t sexually active and i was dating matty, we’ve been going out almost three weeks. they’re going out of town this week, and i was almost afraid that they would take me with them because of what happened. but it wasn’t a big deal at all, it’s just going to be annoying from now on if i’m going to go anywhere with matt. they’re be all like “where are you going? are you sure? when will you be here? when will you be there?” agh, stupid shit like that. she told me “some sources” told her that we were into bdsm…which isn’t all true. so she asked about that, and i was like “um no”. which i’m not…i don’t believe that someone should hurt someone they love, even if it is for their pleasure. maybe some soft forms of it is okay. but the point is kids are snooping around and being annoying, spying on me and my boyfriend, and let’s face it: that’s so weird.

yeah so that’s that. i am scared to see how much they will pick at him and find things wrong with him constantly. my sister’s boyfriends all look like princes to my parents; and they’re really an entirely different person in reality, in private. but that’s not fair because my boyfriend is true and honest and real all the time. something most boys couldn’t claim to be.

sixteen months and 23 days, and they was some of the best days of my life. may they rest in peace.

the irony is horrid, tomorrow is matty’s eighteenth birthday. i hope we can spend the day with each other. it will be so grand.

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