Things are going well in nav school. I’ve been working my ass off to get top marks and have, so far this phase. My check ride is this Thursday and I am crossing my fingers for the highest rating. If I get top of the class, I have a better chance of being stationed with Larry someplace nice. Who knows. It’s all up to chance, really. But the better I do, the more pull I have with my flight commander to pull strings for me to get the aircraft I want. Tomorrow Larry finds out his reassignment… Not really sure what he’s going to get. There’s a chance to be assigned to Space & Missiles, where careers pretty much go to die. This major who likes him a lot (and is his boss for the time being) might have hooked him up, or not. Who knows.

As exciting as this looks, it’s just infrared on a navigator/ewo panel.

A couple days ago I mentioned we should probably get hitched soon so it would work out better for our assignment. He said we haven’t been dating long enough. It was all about a number, some number of months or years. I told him I couldn’t wait another year or six months because I’ll be sent half way around the world by then. He said he didn’t want to let the Air Force push him into anything. So I’m pretty frustrated and feeling rejected. I want to get married before I get my wings in December to ease the amounts of paperwork to change bases. It’s been ten months of living together; there really aren’t any more surprises. I guess I’m just thinking, “What’s the big deal. Seriously.”

This weekend we went to go tubing down the Guadeloupe river in New Braunfels with some classmates. We showed up with our cooler ‘o riesling and followed the caravan out there, about thirty minutes. The area was so crowded that we turned around and started home as soon as we could get out of there. We did, however, stop at a really old graveyard. The oldest person was born in 1801. Then we stopped at a German bakery and picked up a piece of cake for dessert while catching up on Mad Men season two.

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  1. hah tell her happy birthday. i need to know hwen ya’lls birthdays are so i can at least say happy bday!! but then again…if i dont remember i would feel bad…and be that bad family member who always maybe if i dont know..i can be like..oo i didnt know..happy late bday! hah well tell her anywyas!! have a good one! see u in a month or holidays are coming

  2. hugs <3 sometimes I think that its easier for girls to be like "you know what, i think this is him" than it is for guys.
    I’ve been with Neil for 5 years and pretty sure that there is no ring in his plans for a LONG time still.
    They just take a while…stay strong sister sledge!

  3. i slowly watching mad men season 2 as well…damn netflix and me rather reading is slowing it down.
    my old boss, she has been hinting about marriage for awhile to her guy, i think they have had fights about it, but she knows to hold her tongue…it just sucks cause with family, it feels like a competition…well your sister got married last year and shes pregnant, when are you going to get hitched? some people put too much on it…but i understand why if you get married you have a larger chance of being together still. he will come around, he doesnt look stupid.

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