Bride and the City.

I went wedding dress shopping Thursday with my sister in Orlando. We went to Winter Park to a very couture wedding dress shop. I guess 2009 will be the year of the couture weddings; at least that’s what Vogue and all those magazines are saying. However, my sister saw a dress on to which no other dress could measure up. We walked into David’s Bridal (just for research!) unflinchingly told the clerk:

“I want a long, white dress with a sweetheart neckline, asymmetrical criss-cross ruching on a drop-waist bodice, floor-length ballgown skirt with pickups, and a medium length train.” In case you were wondering, that looks like this:

While in Winter Park, I bought some cosmetics at this boutique called Douglas. I got some Chanel face cleanser and foundation, Dior lip gloss and Shiseido moisturizer. Wish Macy’s in Merritt Island carried those brands. All we get is Lancome.

Oddly enough, I saw Sex & the City the same night at midnight (spoilers ahead). The whole concept reminds me of the big blowout musicals and all-around glam of 1930’s Hollywood. The films and costumes were so extravagant that the viewers could forget about how crap their lives were and how crappy their wardrobe was and just take in all the glam and dazzle. I actually started crying when Steve told Miranda about his infidelity, and also when Carrie was screwed over by Big. The acting was just immaculate and believable, especially at that part. I am more like Miranda in attitude and personality (who woulda guessed, right?) and I didn’t want Carrie to be with Big. I think what he did was so cowardly and said volumes about what kind of person he was. Matt disagrees and said Carrie forced him to get married. Buh, stupid guys sticking together and being unreasonable.

Man, I want to stay in a five-star resort in Mexico with my friends. Maybe one day. MAYBE. The only five-star resorts I’ve stayed at are the Breakers in Palm Beach & The Grove Park in Asheville. Let’s take it international. Kthx.

Today is my day off. I get to change a flat tire. Oh boy. & lastly, here is a boring photo of me right now because I never post anymore.

16 thoughts on “Bride and the City.

  1. im at work 3-1am so listen to me

    A semi-drunk party mmmmm? why was I not invited lol I know im one of those closet friends right that you pull me out to scare people with this strange tall genius that just wows crowds hehehe. Im not full of myself everyone should should have a little steve in them and when i say, in them i mean ….lol and when i say everyone i mean … lol can you tell Im a little hyper/horny dont worry your safe cause all these chicks are throwing themselves at me if you can consider their shoes a part of them lol well yes I will stop rambling toodles.

    • yanno, that’s a good question, and suprisingly it wasn’t – even in florida weather! it was really nice that day, hence all the outdoor pictures. i think it was about 70F and breezy. i wish every day was like that.

  2. The hearse picture ranks among the greatest photographs ever. Didn’t you have sex in a hearse at some point? Because I think I remember reading that and being mightily jealous.

    • bwahaha! yeah, it was on a survey i think. the preppy kids in high school would be like “so… do ya, yanoo… do it in there?” “well, yes.” “WOAH! that’s cool!”

      go figure!

  3. dude, i’m in japan right now… and the hotel is chocked full of complimentary Shiseido stuff.

    … its love <3

    i’ve raided the little maid cart so many times, i’m afraid i won’t have enough room in my suitcase for all the junk i’ve grabbed!

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