Boring stuff.

So here I am in the UCF library updating from a computer off in the corner. I have to take a test I will most certainly fail in a couple minutes, but instead of studying I am updating the old blog.

Last night me and Stephy Dee went to the House of Blues in Orlando to see GWAR. Oderus didn’t talk to the crowd very much; it was the first show that they played more songs than do theatrics. Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely theatrics, but not the extent seen the other five or so times I’ve gone. It was loud and rude and I loved every minute of it, of course. One older lady had her face painted like Slymenstra. The bathroom attendent lady asked if I was a model. Lawl!11! GWAR played a buncha stuff off their new album, Go to Hell, but they did play such delicious gems as Saddam-a-go-go, Ragnarok, Meat Sandwich, Happy Deathday, and Bring Back the Bomb. Nice!

Do I look metal enough yet?

& tall black boots with 7″ heels. Yes, my feet were killing me about four hours in! GWARRR!!!! Hardcore.

… I do believe the Matt saga is officially over. We talked last night after the show and he doesn’t want to pursue a relationship with me anymore whatsoever. It’s strange to me because usually I use my powers of persuasion or wit to get whatever I want. Not this time; I do believe it’s the only time I’ve ever been rejected or told I couldn’t do something. Ever. I can’t help but wonder if it’s my fault: and in all actuality it’s the opposite. After years of perpetual and absolute laziness, Matt has found himself having to catch up and trashing the relationship to the curb as a result. He wants to remain friends, or so he says, but I really can’t see that happening. Sometimes I think he’s a great person, other times the things he does and the way he is is offputting. I don’t know what this “I’m turning into a hick thing” is all about, but all of the sudden he listens to bluegrass, likes “farm living,” and got a fishing license. It’s okay to have varied interests, but I think he’s priming himself for a long, happy life living in the hick town of Merritt Island, FL. Oh yeah, but farmers have drive and ambition, too. Too bad he didn’t pick that up with all this other junk! ZING!

I can’t make up my mind. Overall, how he handled this situation with me was cold and uncaring. I wonder if he’ll ever regret his decision. The destructive, angry part of me wants to be narcissistic and spiteful and say “He’ll never find anyone as awesome as me! He’s throwing it all away. He hasn’t had a chance to see how uncreative, untalented, hideous, boring and stupid most girls around here are. Just you wait. He’ll be sorry for sure.” Very mean, of course. But it’s got some truth to it. Most of you don’t live around here, so you don’t know! 🙂

Another main factor is the sex factor. 99.9% of guys my age have no idea what’s going on in the bedroom.

But above all, I need companionship. I am very lonely at this point and I have too much time to sit around and think about this stuff. I don’t have a solution for that one or much of anything else right now. I am leaving in a couple weeks to be bombarded with family in North Carolina for ten or so days. I also ordered a swankadelic new bed from Pier 1 to redecorate my bedroom to get rid of some of the surroundings that are related to him.

Le Fin.

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  1. okay I read all of this and I will respond when I’m not so drunk. And if you’re on th emessenger sometime then I’d love tot alk to you!
    I seriously love that new picture too, btw.

    • Thanks! They are amazing! They’re crazy and so out there! All the girls were complimenting me on them; and you know what they say: the best and most sincere compliments are from (straight) girls!

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