boom boom

hearing: randomness on tv | feeling: annoyed

we got a new puppy! she’s 12 weeks and gets into everything. i accused my parents of getting her just so i’d come home. they were right. her name is liza.

matty visited me last night. we made dinner together, and saw “finding nemo”. it was so cute to cut up cold pieces of chicken beside him. i made some linguine in a garlic sauce and he threw the chicken on the george foreman grill. it was pretty yummy. i’m going to like this whole cooking thing.

so…the people below me have been playing loud music for 12 hours. i’m going down there at 1am. i don’t give a damn if it is the weekend. and this morning, someone had the odacity to play basketball at 12:30 while i was sleeping! just kidding about that last one; i should have been up anyways. sleeping beauty.

what is the deal with that group tatu? i’m not sure i want to know. more packaged “alternative” pop. i don’t care if they’re from russia or wherever. they aren’t as cool as rev tevye or any of the czars. “a blessing from the czar?”

i posted on ucf lj with a sad cry for pals. well, within 20 minutes, i get replies and messages! one boy offered to take me to dinner, and he seemed pretty nice, so i decided to meet up with him for thai. he’s an author on livejournal and likes to make fun of things as much as i do. he opened doors for me and was so polite. he even was kind enough to pick up the tab for dinner. after, he showed me this really funky venue/coffee house. it had hundreds of movies to rent too – independent, international, and even a silent or two. it was called “star dust”. i thought at first he was talking about that place in las vegas.

hopefully tomorrow stephanie is going to hang out with me and see my new place. what to do!

my birthday is in six whole days. i’m going to be eighteen!

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