Bon Giorno!

PWNAGE. When no one’s around, I slowly evolve back into gamer mode. Now, I know your next question is, “What’s gamer mo-” Well, I’ll tell you. It’s Diet Coke and Sun Chips for sustenance. It’s when wine and cereal becomes an absolutely nutritious dinner (carbs, sugars, and fruit). Feeling just a little high and mighty about being a squad leader for a group of fourteen-year-old boys on Mass Effect Online Multiplayer. Oh, it’s three a.m. already? & …forgetting about everything else crazy in the world except the one you’re playing in. That’s been nice lately.

Here is a photo of me in a work shirt, looking rather plain and mousey. I did dye my hair darker. I have always felt more comfortable with darker hair, although I’d kill for blonde without roots to deal with. C’est la vie!

SCUSI. — Getting geared up for me & Larry’s trip to the Mediterranean in the late summer. I’ve started learning some basic Italian phrases – it’s like a combination of French (which I can speak) and Spanish. It’s easy to pronounce and I very much enjoy the sound of it. Very expressive. Quite beautiful. I think I will very much like Italy more than Northern Germany, where we went last summer. Time to re-watch Le Mepris, La Dolce Vita, and Roman Holiday. What are your favorite Italian-scenery films?

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