Work sucks. There’s this 45-year old alcoholic lady that I work with that is so rude and immature. She calls out of work, stinks of booze so much the customers complain, and her daughter actually stole from Macy’s and she’s still not fired. Anyway, she is so gross to me and they always stick me working with her. Everywhere I work there’s always one person that makes me want to quit, pronto. I mean, I hear these stories of people loving their jobs and everyone they work with is so nice and blah blah… I mean I guess I had a great work environment at the cabinet shop, but I guess this only really shows up in retail.

I guess I’m also judgmental of this boozer because she has three daughters that are totally skanky and gross. One is in junior high and a couple weeks ago was “playing with knives” and cut her tendon in her finger. Then a week later, she got a Saturday school and her mom didn’t bother taking her to it (probably too drunk) and so she got a day suspension, which was yesterday. Skanky McGee shows up shopping all day, and her mom took her to lunch. Ugh, I don’t know why it bothers me so much, but it does. Probably because her three daughters are self-indulgent who don’t do anything for anyone else.

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  1. *::Splooge::*

    And they thought that she couldnt get any hotter; sheesh now i dont think i am even able to talk with someone that is soooo coolishly hottt!!!! squeeee my minions are now yours to rule over.

  2. Yeah there’s a lady at my work (which is a preschool by the way) who hates everything, is super negative, has squawky old-lady voice, 19 cats, and brags! about yanking her granddaughter (who is super well-behaved and clearly terrified of this woman) by the hair for running away from her. Yesterday she spent twenty minutes bitching about receiving a giftcard to outback for teacher appreciation week because she hates outback. Ay, carumba! If there wasn’t some crazy bitch at your job, it wouldn’t be a real job.

  3. Oh dear, I hope you realize that when you work in a blue-collar environment, there are a lot of older ladies who think that they are owed something because they had to slave away in the mind-numbing industry of retail all their lives. But on the bright side, it makes you look like a much lovlier person by comparison.

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