Birthday & Such.

Today I cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, made chocolate chip cupcakes. I vacuumed to Leftover Crack. Kinda made me want to spray bathroom bleach cleaner on my jeans and start a housewife revolution.

Larry is taking his check ride with the commander of CSO training today. If he does well, he stays in navigator school. If he doesn’t do well, he’ll be reassigned. I bought two cards: a congratulations and an encouragement. Not sure which I’ll need today. Hoping for the best…

So my birthday was Sunday; Twenty-whore years old. Saturday, I was taken on a fancypants date to the Chart House 780 feet above San Antonio at the Tower of the Americas. Larry also took me to Sea World yesterday (because military get in free once per year!). The best part was the awesome jellyfish… I want a salt water tank so badly so I can take care of beautifully colored fish and “delicious, I mean… interesting” lobsters.

Love how both delicate & prehistoric these guys are.

Goofy caricature we had done. Larry posed all serious, when it was my turn, I was cracking jokes and being silly the whole time.
Guess it makes for a drawing with contrast. I look so goofy, but my chin & nose are spot-on! ♥

I’ve already petted dolphins in my twenty-two year Florida career. So I took photos while he pet them for the first time.
“They do feel like foam pool floats!”

Larry says this duck just graduated boot camp.

The Lorikeets right across the way were screaming so loud my ears were bleeding. Additionally, I almost jumped in the water… being that it was 102F.

These moray eels looked like they were discussing something very serious… like how to trick Ariel.

I exclaimed “That looks delicious!” when I saw that fascinating red polka-dot shrimp perched up top his colorful throne.

This lady was in Sea World’s 1940s mystery detective show. I love the fact she’s in a 40’s dress, heels & a snood feeding cute one-year old otters.
It’s perfectly normal, what are you saying?

My fabulous beau also got me an iPod shuffle, a green one (favorite color). He said he felt guilty because it was too impersonal… but with the check ride week we’ve had and all the stress piled on, it’s perfectly thrilling in my book. Plus, this is like the first year a boyfriend has actually given me a present on my birthday, not a card with promises of gifts that never actually show up.

So, I discovered “effects” on Apple’s Photo Booth…

Look, I can FAKE that I went to Sea World… & can breathe underwater. Waterproof mascara.

Oh noes!!1 No parachute!

Take that, environmental conservation groups.

Throwup. I has it.


What are your best Photo Booth poses? Post ’em up.

If anyone is interested, I finished Primary phase (the first) of Navigator school, which lasted for the first three months. I learned:

– Longitude/Latitude notation
– Chart interpretation
– Aviation basics
– CONUS Flight planning/weather/fuel calculations
– Tech specs about the T-43A (a 737)
– Arriving anywhere within two minutes of planned
– Locations based on radio navigation aids
– Locations based on Inertial Nav Computer & Nav Computer System
– Locations based on radar scope interpretation
– Weather deviations
– Air Traffic Control clearances/requests
– Maintaining course line by 10 nautical miles without GPS
– Shit tons of aviation jargon

Next up is Intermediate. Within these next six weeks, I’ll be learning:

– Worldwide route planning/flight
– Air refueling operations
– Advanced timing control techniques
– Tons more stuff I don’t know about yet

The hardest part of nav school is basically over. The most difficult check ride was the one I took on Thursday. ♥ So… after Intermediate, we choose whether we want to become an Electronic Warfare Officer or Combat Systems Officer (Navigator). Then I’ll have about three more months of training for a graduation date of December 18. It can’t come quickly enough… but then I have SERE Training and follow-on specialized aircraft training for 4-9 months.

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