Birthday in Dallas

This weekend I journeyed to Dallas solo to celebrate my twenty-fifth birthday. I stayed at the Hotel Adolphus, where I had never stayed before. The hotel was absolutely stunning, especially in my room on the seventeenth floor. I can’t say enough about how perfectly posh it all was. I changed and headed down to the French Room for a late dinner, and had a quiet table to read. After roast duck and a chocolate souffle, I decided to see what was doin’ at the lounge. As I ordered my cocktail, an older gentleman at the bar asked if I was visiting with the Republican Convention. I replied, and asked if he was there for it. Since it was a no answer, I asked if he has Republican leanings, to which he replied yes. I sat down and began talking with him. Over the next four hours, we had excellent conversation. It was quite nice.

On Saturday, I went shopping at the original Neiman Marcus next door. I found a beautiful LBD and ate lunch in their Zodiac Lounge. Later that evening, I ate dinner at the Old Warsaw in the arts district. I usually make it over there each time I visit Dallas. As I was leaving, the owner pulled me aside and asked if I would like to be the model for their print ads coming up. … And how!

The ballet, “The Sleeping Beauty” was held at the Winspear Opera House downtown. Many compliments on the gown, but one lady exclaimed that I looked like Greta Garbo. Another group of ladies my age said Marilyn Monroe. I was channeling Ginger Rogers, but I will never turn down a sincere compliment! I had the good fortune of front row seats, and the show was phenomenal up close and personal. It was a joy to see the expressions of the dancers as they perform that which they have been practicing their entire lives. After the ballet, I received a letter in my room that the gentleman from the evening before had delivered from the front desk. He wanted to let me know he’d be late to the lounge, but by the time I arrived, he was already there. Two other gentlemen were conversing with him, one in a cowboy hat and the other in a suit. The younger gentleman in the suit introduced himself as the owner of a cattle ranch in central Texas. We enjoyed the company and polite political conversation for a couple hours before calling it a night. It was nice to have good people be so genuinely kind to me. I really needed it.

“They say the movies should be more like life; I think life should be more like the movies.”
– Myrna Loy
… & this weekend certainly was like a movie.

Today I drove back after meeting with my parent’s college friend. He’s like a father to me. Overall, it’s safe to say it was a helluva birthday weekend! This week’s agenda: flying Wednesday!

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