Big Week.

Worst flight yet on Friday, but I don’t want to talk about it. The flight tomorrow can’t be any worse, which means it will be better. Just stay optimistic and they won’t give me the boot. However, something odd happened last Friday:

“Denver approach, Tiger one-three, six thousand five hundred climbing eight thousand five hundred, east departure.”
“Well she sounds really cute. [break] Tiger one three, we have you on radar.”
“Tiger one three…”

… Hey Denver approach, umm… hot mic.

Speaking of which, I pick up my man from the airport Tuesday evening… I haven’t seen him since September 24th. Tuesday night I should be able to spend about an hour and a half with him. Wednesday, about five hours. So, roughly six hours total for this visit…He is traveling 1,380 miles for six hours with me…

After a 6:30am flight. With my new instructor, my flights are the first of the day.
I’m very exhausted.

New shoes. Very Dior-inspired, but alas, they are just by Jessica Simpson.
I also picked up these.

I have a beautiful family. My sister, her fiance Eric, my dad & mom.

I find this photo fascinating in so many ways.

11 thoughts on “Big Week.

  1. omg sheila. did you seriously just post that? i figured you and matty were asleep still haha.

    we’re both on livejournal…right.


    ps. when you come by to get stuff, can you bring the boxes? PRETTY PLEASE!?~?~?

  2. Ol’ay muy sexy, hope your weeks going well Im finally back on the island so if your ever around here and need of entertainment you know my number hasta luego baby lol

  3. I love that photo, too! I find that the focal point is the guy sitting quietly in the back, and then there are so many other places to look.

    Also, I could totally see you rocking those shoes. So classy.

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