Been Busy.

So I am obsessed with the British television show, Spaced. I had only heard about it – so I Netflix’d and watched both seasons almost straight through. My favorite character is Marsha because she reminds me of this crazy cracked out ex-stripper lady that owned this costume shop and always hit on Matt and his friends. She was a tad bit creepy in the same sort that character is… oh hell she IS a character. So yeah, Spaced… Where it’s at. Check it out if you haven’t.

I saw I Love You, Man last night. Let’s just say I am very much enjoying this return to clever humor and believable acting. Thank you, Paul Rudd & Jason Segal. You’re two of my favorite men right now.

I asked Larry to draw me an owl during class (paying close attention to the lecture of course…) and this is what I got:


In other news, I saw a comic on Air Force Blues that made me laugh because it was totally how I’d react. Whenever there’s a bunch of crap going on that doesn’t necessarily involve me, I tend to get the hell out before it does. And namely, to a delicious lunch somewhere…

… & Here is a photo of us going to do homework, like plotting flight routes on charts! Joy!

My sister had her bridal shower yesterday. I couldn’t attend, and I really wish I could have been there. I only have one sister, and I can’t do all the fun things sisters are supposed to do for weddings. I am flying her out to San Antonio next month as her “bachelorette party” (I AM the party, duh). I said “Would you rather have a dance party at a club in Orlando or come out and see me?” hearts; Larry’s officially one of the groomsmen; Eric asked him a few days ago. Pretty cool, eh! Double the fun at the head table! I am so ready for a vacation… Just a month and a half until their wedding! My bridesmaid dress came in the mail the other day and get this: I don’t have to get any alterations! Fits like a glove, although Larry and I are trying to lose weight before the wedding (me: 10, him: 20). We’ll see how that goes. It’s going to be one hot bridal party.

I want to watch Judge Dredd and eat a bagel with cream cheese. I’d settle for these “woven wheats” that jumped into my grocery cart, though. Woven wheats were $.50 cheaper than those overrated Wheat Thins. Stupid diet.

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  1. That was really quite entertaining. I watched it yesterday actually, but am now commenting on it. I have it saved in my Favorites now so thank-you! I hope you are doing well. *hugs*

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