Bad News.

My leave didn’t get approved to go commission him…

Larry says I can pin him for first lieutenant, though. Perpetual optimist; I love it.

… but in other news,

My commander approved me to live off-base!

& I called the moving company the second I found out: they can only offer me two delivery dates, October 24 or …tomorrow!

So I shall be living in my new apartment tomorrow.

I’m thinking of painting my bedroom a dusty rose color, and the living room a light pea green color. I am so excited to see my piano, vinyl, and shoes again! Just a few more hours…

9 thoughts on “Bad News.

  1. fake me make me, this is awesome.

    A bagillion years ago you posted that Os Quindin De Yaya mp3 link, and Im just wondering how you went about doing that. [ expires after a week.]

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