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I’m back from a wonderful weekend in Dallas! I stayed in the Adolphus Hotel once again, because I was very impressed with the place from my birthday weekend last month. This time, however, I was joined by Larry.

On the drive into town, I stopped a while to visit with my parents’ best friends; they’ve been pals since college. I know my folks miss them, and I enjoy spending time with them. I can always fill my parents in with the happenings to keep them up to date. Later I checked into the hotel, with Larry not far behind.

Saturday, we went shopping at the very chic Dallas Galleria mall, but our true intentions were to check out a coffee table I was interested in at Crate and Barrel. As it turns out, I found the coffee table I was looking for; however, it was an impeccable floor sample and 50% off. Sometimes luck is on my side!

That evening, we arrived at the Old Warsaw for our seven thirty reservations. It must have been the night to dine, because it was so crowded we had to wait at the bar for a few minutes. When we were seated, the evening was off to a fantastic start (fueled by deliciously strong cocktails). I ordered from a special prix fixe menu that I had spotted online, which included baked apple with roquefort cheese, lobster bisque, lamb chops and tiramisu. Larry ordered clam chowder, smoked salmon, filet mignon, & German chocolate cake. Before I dine at this restaurant, I always try to think of a special song to request for the entertainment to play. I was struggling between two Fred & Ginger hits (because Ginger’s 99th birthday was last Friday), “The Continental” and “Night & Day”. The violinist and piano player took my request for “The Continental,” and later, even though I didn’t request it, played “Night & Day”. Oddly enough, I had never heard them play it before. Guess luck had struck again. Three hours later, we started back for the hotel. That restaurant is a time warp for us – time goes by so quickly.

Above is the suit my grandmother had custom made in 1956. I had the zipper replaced and the sleeves let out an inch. Otherwise, it fits like a glove!

Unfortunately, I had to head back to uninteresting Shreveport (but with my new coffee table)! I have work to do: I’ve been hired to paint a 20″x24″ portrait for a fellow Air Force officer. Some very good things have happened today; I wonder how long this streak of good luck will last?

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