Babies & LGBs.

IT’S MY 30-HOUR DAYS. — Behold, yon readers, the never-ending day:

0100 – Takeoff for pattern work sortie
0205 – Land
0330 – Crawl into bed
0900 – Wake up
1000 – Meet with carpenter at house for remodeling
1145 – Arrive at work
1700 – Leave work
1730 – Pay carpenter
1800 – Out for dinner
2000 – Watch nuclear weapon documentary Trinity and Beyond (1995)
2300 – Bed time

Truly, a never-ending day. It’s an odd feeling knowing that you went to work twice in a day. I so loathe night week – it’s a week of night flights that tortures anyone who is not a pilot. It’s to make sure pilots stay current on night air refueling operations and night takeoffs/landings. Your sleep schedule and body clock is massacred in the process. Anyway, rinse repeat twice this week!

In other news, go buy the albums “Retro Remix Revue” vol. 1 and 2. You’ll be glad you did while you throw a classy-ass, nerdy cocktail party. Standout tracks include “Super Mario World – Overworld Bgm, Ending” (Don’t forget to tip your piano player) and “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Gerudo Valley”.

You’re welcome.

THE SHOWER GAMES. — Here is a photo of Amie and me at a baby shower. Evidently, there is a game where they have a basket of assorted baby items and you have to guess the price. I’ve never had a baby, nor shopped for a baby very much, so I was completely flabbergasted. Especially at the handy contraption I’m holding up, a nipple brush. Yeah! Sounds titillating… and painful! I’m just… really lousy at baby shower games. But on another note, this shower was not a tacky-fest at all. That’s quite refreshing, given the silly crap most people con you into when they’re throwing someone a shower. I’m a grown-ass woman; I’m not going to endure such infant-induced silliness.

RED DOT OF DOOM. — Flying a sortie to Guam and back coming up. Sixteen some hours each way, with the loudest, most talkative radar navigator in the world. Tomorrow I am dropping an LGB (laser guided bomb) for training on a weapons range. For those of you that don’t know, it’s basically a dumb bomb like they dropped in WWII… but they strap a fancy set of trousers on it and it follows a special laser pointer to the target on the ground, similar to a cat pouncing on the laser dot you tease him with. Only we drop it from miles up!

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