Aussie Austin.

Well, hello all. I climbed back from falling off the face of the earth. Larry returned triumphant from Combat Systems Officer flight screening, with a badass patch for his flight suit (that he’ll never actually wear again). Here are a few photos from me & Larry’s trip to Austin this past weekend. He wanted to take me up there for a weekend out together.

So I skinned out of work a few minutes early to head up to Austin. Along the way, Larry had a friggin bee in his bonnet about going to the outlets beforehand. Luckily, they were on the way. Walking by the Betsey Johnson boutique, I stopped dead in my tracks over a red plaid, punk rock strapless number. I cooed over it for a minute, as did Larry. “You should try that on.” Little did I know he was talking about the red dress next to the one I was eyeing. Dang.

We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel in the heart of downtown Austin, right off infamous sixth street. Larry snagged us a king suite on the 12th floor, which rocked. We giggled at the $3 sodas and pretzel sticks and made fun of any suckers that would buy a bottle of water for $6.50.

On Friday night, we went to this Brazilian steakhouse called Fogo de Chão. The hostess reserved us a cozy, romantic table in the corner and I swear the servers were taking turns coming over to get us more cocktails to stare at my insane cleavage I was sporting for the evening. Basically, this place was an “all you can eat” type restaurant (perfect for fat Texans). You get these coasters that are red on one side and green on the other. When you want a server to come by and carve some MEAT off a skewer, you put the green side up. There were fifteen types of meat you could try. I had chicken ♥ & when you are done filling your plate with different kinds of flesh, you turn the coaster to red to enjoy your treats. I liked the table they gave us so much, that’s why I’d want to go again. Very nice atmosphere.

Saturday we did the tourist thing. That morning there was a Boy Scouts of America parade, and we snarkily snickered at all the fatties in their uniforms, and the JROTC Navy cadets walking slouched over, all rumpled. We strolled down the lane and took silly pictures at the very beautiful capitol building. Fact: Did you know this building is taller than our nation’s capitol? Did you know that every vacation, we do something educational? Did you know that we were starving to death in these photos? Fascinating!

Larry has a Capitol Idea.

The smugness never ends.

Larry got a hardon for the Civil War memorials.

… And the huge artillery. Aiming at some tourists downtown… Lar misses his howitzer.

The hotel had a great hot tub. No rooftop pool, but the weather was sort of crap anyway.

It was so humid and windy on Sunday! But this car was pretty badass. It was parked in front of the Driskell Hotel advertising their cute and delicious bakery. We stopped in for a quick bite before heading over to the opera. We got some goodies to go for the drive home.

So yeah, I bought this lucky fella opera tickets for his birthday. We saw Rigoletto.

All in all the weekend was perfect. Lessons learned:

1. King size beds are far too large for us.
2. Those in-room pretzels are SO tempting.
3. Downtown Austin has two Stubb’s locations; don’t visit both on foot through the ghetto. Also, unfortunately Sundays they have a nasty brunch. Skip, plz.
4. Valets will take your Audi around the block for fun with the radio blasting, so get over it.
5. Dropping apple cores out of of the 12th story window into the middle of the street is simple fun
6. Don’t let your man eat too much at Buca di Beppo.
7. Staying in and watching Casablanca on TCM is worlds better than going bar hopping.
8. Larry might or might not have done an “Apple Care Registration Dance”

… & we are back home. In this photo, Butch McGee was going through his knife collection, deciding which ones to sell.

“In the field, I’d just bring my K-Bar anyway.”
“Since when are we ever going to be ‘in the field’, ever?”
“Good point.”

This weekend, we will probably go out to sushi, maybe Friday. I am also very upset that Fanboys is not playing in San Antonio. & to this I say: ZOMGWTFBBQ!1!1!one!!!

5 thoughts on “Aussie Austin.

  1. I haven’t had any good sushi yet in the great state of TX, so I’m hoping I’ll track some down soonish >_>
    As for having a Ka-Bar in the field? Mine’s always with my in the Outback’s glove compartment. Larry’s got the right ideas about knives! (Until I can afford a Randall, that is. Those are amazing.)

    So, was Austin awesome overall? I’m hoping so, since I’ll be there for my entire spring break. You should come on up!

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