Auf Wiedersehen, Meine Liebling.

Big shocker… I played xbox all day, bought “morale boosting clothing,” sulked. Now I’m watching Who Framed Roger Rabbit while trying to get over this heinous UTI. Speaking of which, the other night, Larry braved San Antonio rush hour to buy me cranberry juice, and even asked the pharmacist what was recommended for ladies in my certain predicament. Talk about chivalry!

So, Bonnie & Clyde’s triumphal reign is on a four-week standby…

My plans are to paint, learn Claire de Lune on the piano, play lots of video games, and send lots of letters (and pictures). I guess I’m really going to miss not having anyone to cook for besides myself. It’s nice when you have someone who (loudly) sings the praises of your culinary delights.

7 thoughts on “Auf Wiedersehen, Meine Liebling.

  1. So, you’re gonna boost our morale by posting photos of you in that new outfit, right? ^_~
    And it’s good to see that edit of 4 weeks rather than six. It’s nice to have someone you care about within arm’s reach.

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