I went antiquing yesterday and found a lot of wearables, a “mood meter” & a very pretty perfume bottle! I usually can’t fit into much of anything truly vintage, and rely on reproduction fashions. A lady with a 5’9″ build has a hard time fitting into the petite (mainly short people’s) clothes of bygone eras. Anyway, I found a maybe cute, perhaps ugly 1960s plaid dress, three hats and a pair of white, soft Italian lambskin gloves. I am bringing three of the hats with me on my trip to Dallas to visit my beau. We plan to shop for a summer khaki suit for him on Saturday, cocktails at the Adolphus Hotel Lounge, and have reservations at The Old Warsaw for later that evening.

The “mood meter” I have customized a little bit, but the original is below. In other news, my mother gave me a suit from 1956 my grandmother had custom made. I took it to the tailor to get altered (new zipper and sleeves let out longer), and as soon as I took it out, she was gushing about how you “can’t find suits made like this anymore” and “this is very nice.” Thanks, Granny!

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