Andre Rieu Review.

So I went to see Andreacute; Rieu and the Johann Strauss Orchestra on Thursday night (April 20). It was at the TD Waterhouse… and the seats were amazing!

Oh yeah – the show was, too! Andre was cute; told really corny jokes throughout the show, but he told them like he knew they were corny, which made it really funny. The program was as follows:

Entry of the Gladiators (Fucik)
Women, Wine and Song (Strauss)
Blaze Away (Teike)
Jliska of Budapest (Raymond)
Concerto d’Aranjuez (Rodrigo)
Einsam Klingt dass Kleine Gloumluckchen
Circus Renz (Peter)
Torna a Surriento (de Curtis)
Funiculi Funicula (Denz)
The White Horse Inn (Stolz)
Gold and Silver (Lehar)
Feuerfest (Straszlig;)
Blondes, Brunettes (Stolz))
I Could Have Danced All Night (Loewe/Lerner)
With A Little Bit of Luck (Loewe/Lerner)
The Blue Danube (Strauss)
Don’t Cry for Me Argentina (Webber)
Ode to Joy (Beethoven)
Radetzky March (Strauss)
Liviamo Ne’lieti Calici (Verdi)
America the Beautiful
Stars and Stripes Forever (Sousa)

The last few songs were encores — in fact, they played about twenty minutes of encore, they even played calypso (I can’t remember all the encore songs, there were so many)! And most of the concert they played without any music. The orchestra is probably just really sick of the songs so they don’t need the music. Ha. Anyway, a really neat surprise was the addition of three world famous tenors who sang Funiculi Funicula, Torna a Surriento, and Liviamo Ne’lieti Calici in grand Italian style. The tenor from Germany (on the right in the photo below) was awesome… my dad and I both agreed he was the best!

It was also interesting that 75% of the orchestra is comprised of women.

I just wish they would have played “Tales from the Vienna Woods”, one of my favorite Strauss waltzes, but you can’t win ’em all. Let me tell ya, this concert was perfect. Can’t wait until next time they’re in town! I took my dad to see the show because he’s a big Strauss fan, too. He had never been to a live symphony before, and I’m glad I could share that with him. It was also funny that everyone there was over 50. Some kids were dragged there by their parents, but there weren’t many people my age. Go to these things, people! Support the arts!

In other news, everyone has been asking me about the new Bettie Page movie that’s out. I think a lot of the older people didn’t really know about her until the interviews and everything on TV about the movie. My parents were asking me about Ms. Page because I think they just realized what the deal was with most of my high school style from watching some specials on E! or something. I told them I’ve “been there, done that” with the hair, ha ha. I may get fake blonde dreads or something next (TBA). But I’ve read an interview in BUST magazine with the star of The Notorious Bettie Page, Gretchen Mol, and she seems adorable and awesome… you know, someone you’d like to actually hang out with sometime.

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    • She does have the same look as my sister! She’s probably Polish — my sister is like, a quarter polish 🙂 Brittany played cello for a while, so maybe they are almost seperated at birth!

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