An Update.

So I am sitting in ye olde Film Communications building here at UCF. I dragged a desk over where I’m sitting so I’d have someplace to stow my huge ass “cup o’ my coffee” (fuck you, Mad Caddies).

I love the conversations here.

“Do I need to do anything to the script?”
“Did you finish editing that awesome cat movie?”
“I am totally loving my Avant-Garde cinema class.”
“Hit me up on Facebook, brah.”

Some guy just said to me:
“Hangin’ out at the cool kids table again, huh?”
“Yeahhh, got my desk here, my coffee… it’s all good.”

Friendly! … and cute! I love film students! The charisma is unbearable!

… the dean of the college of Arts Humanities just walked by and asked me how my semester is going. Last week I met with him to discuss my schedule and graduation. I am on a first name basis with him, the Chair of the Art Department the advisor of the School of Film Digital Media. Squeaky wheel gets the oil, bitches. I’m hella-squeaky.

So last Tuesday I took my grandmother to go see Rod Stewart at the TD Waterhouse. I skipped my French class because the show began at 8pm. So in other words, I drove home from Orlando at 4:15pm, got home at 5:15pm, changed & left at 6pm to go back to Orlando. Dude my ass hurts.

Anyway, our seats were of the super, super close lower level variety. The place was packed. Rowdy Rod came out on the round stage (“You’ve all heard of theater-in-the-round? Well, I invented theater-in-the-square! Nobody had a good seat!”) dancing and looking surprisingly sexy for a sixty-two year old! The drummer was this total h0ttie with loads of talent and ridiculously muscley arms. He looked like Huge Laurie. Anyway, Rod wore these wicked golden Adidas sneakers and this huge gold skull and crossbones belt buckle. He sang “Hot Legs”, “Ooh La La”, “Forever Young”, “Young Turks”, “Some Guys Have All The Luck”, “First Cut Is The Deepest” and all kinds of crap. Homeboy had sweet dance moves; I definitely approve!

Nothing like middle-aged women throwing panties bras onto the stage! That’s hot!

… Steph’s boy friend looks like Rod Stewart to da maxxx:

Search your feelings. You know it to be true.

So last night as I was procrastinating homework at Barnes & Noble, I ran into muh ex. He was wearing the same clothing I’ve seen him the last, literally, ten times I have seen him. I chatted for a minute or two because I felt really confident & hot ♥ Anyway, I told him I was graduating this fall and how interesting all my classes are this semester. He didn’t bother attending orientation for UCF, so he isn’t registered for classes again this semester. He wants to go to some crappy makeup school for a semester certificate. Uh…. a Bachelor’s degree is where it’s at. You get certificates for fun. He has been accepted into a public university & has it paid for, but couldn’t be bothered to attend orientation. I could sense embarrassment when he told me. Hm.

But! He said my hair looked really nice & I looked pretty & thin. That was nice! Booyakasha, what an ego boost! He smiled pretty much the whole time he was talking to me, too. I asked how his New Year’s was… he said he went to some friend’s party.

“Did you make any new friends?”

I feel kind of bad for him.
… Wait, no I don’t.

But I can speak with him & see him without emotional attachment or getting upset after, which is awesome. I don’t know if I’d say I’m 100% over everything… I wouldn’t mind sleeping with him on occasion. He really does have some uh, nice physical attributes. But not for emotional reasons, oh no no; only physical. I forgot to tell him about that talent agency. Well, have to save some things for next time I run into him! Yeah yeah, I’m mean.

I might have him do my bald cap makeup for Megacon this year, which would be amazing. I can’t do it by myself, I will be the first to admit it!

7 thoughts on “An Update.

  1. Rod Stewart is AWESOME live.. I love when he reads lines off of the teleprompter, and the mutters to himself, “that’s the stupidest shit I’ve ever read…”. He also has an amazing sound engineer, for an arena concert, the music is totally clear! (Holy shit. I’m geeking out over Rod Stewart. Damn yous!)

  2. tim stewart?

    holy crap. i — never! oh, & the tight pants. all he needs really is some crazy long hair &… i’ve done the deed with twenty-year-old rod stewart.

    oh, the indie/mod girls must be so jealous.

    hahahaha. that’s great.

    & kudos on your emotional distance. it’s liberating, i know.
    cos everything can only get better from here.

    • Re: tim stewart?

      When they were showing a slideshow of his earlier years…. I was gasping at Tim Stewart!! You’re lucky guuuurl.

      I love the fact that I found a picture of him sitting with a lady, the same way you & he are sitting! Nice!

      … & keep what I said in here private, please don’t mention it to anyone that might leak it to Matt. This is a friends filter that you’re special enough to be on. Danke, gal! ♥

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