an update

hearing: misfits – astrozombies | mood: achey

my entry yesterday was over 1,000 words. i can write forever about my feelings, but when it comes to school, forget it!

i cleaned out my van tonight. i found:

  • two bottles of carpet cleaner
  • an acoustic guitar
  • a pair of black high heels
  • an autographed eyeliners patch
  • five bottles of water
  • a chinese to go box
  • a powerpuff girls art kit
  • breakfast at tiffanys video
  • a pair of old converse
  • two lightbulbs
  • four classical greek novels

…and that’s just the start. i think i’m a secret slob. i shove things into neat looking piles to make it look like everything’s up out of the way.

band practice was supposed to happen today, but stephanie got in a fight with her mom, so she wasn’t allowed to go, and dave and josh stole all of matt’s equipment for their show that never happened. instead of taking it back after they were done using it (or a lack of) the next day or so, they kept it and used it for other things. that’s soooo tacky. what if they broke it? i highly doubt they’d care – except if that meant they couldn’t use it anymore. grrr. thanks for screwing up our band practice.

i keep having nightmares about the math exam. it’s even haunting my dreams.


today i went to matty’s house and picked up jake along the way. if we couldn’t have band practice, we might as well still hang out. i’ve wanted to watch ‘army of darkness’ for a while, as well as ‘the grinch’. jake hadn’t seen either of them, so we settled in to watch them. hail to the king, baby. my nose kept freezing off.

my mom promised to buy a small christmas tree for us to have in our house. instead, she brought home an herb of rosemary bush shaped like a christmas tree. it smells like an herb and it’s stinking the whole house up. but i decorated it, nevertheless. it has 85 colored lights, clear blue plastic stars (of course), and hologram snowflakes, with a large snowflake on the top. it’s still pretty weak. don’t forget the tinsel. my hands still smell like that dumb tree.


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