alone time

last night i went to kars park to that show, after working for 3 and a half hours. i was so tired! but i went anyways because everyone i know was supposed to be there, so i headed out around 5pm. when i got there i saw rose and kelly and steph and my boy. he had his hair all trimmed and fanned, it was adorable; especially how the middle section was all flopped over “from the wind”. silly boy.

the show itself was ehhh…okay for an emo show i suppose, all the bands were kinda slow and sounded the same. palin and matty had bought some tequila; but i only got one sip (and that’s the most i dare to drink!). figures.

after the show ended, me and matty went to his house to watch a movie. we watched “young einstein”, and it was…err..interesting i guess. i fear i’m too much of a logical thinker to appreciate the art of such movies. after that i scurried home. what a nice night, surprising!

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