i finished the final screenplay for the silent film. we begin (and finish!) shooting on sunday. i’ll upload it to here for downloading in a couple weeks. i’d love helpful critiques. the final cast has: katty, me, billie, dan, and nick. matty will be filming for us.

oh, and another thing:

me and billie are running the show at the cafe on saturday. and i’m dying of allergies. speaking of dying, when i got home this evening, there was an ambulence and two cop cars outside of my apartment building. somebody croaked?

i’ve been eating far too many sweets since my parents have returned. i haven’t eaten a decent dinner in two weeks. yesterday, me and billie picked up some fake flowers and hair clips to make our own pretty flower hair accessories. i have a sunflower, a pinkish purple flower, a yellow flower with a ladybug, and a small bird. hooray for diy!

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