almost there…

ha, i just read my last entry and it reminded me of halloween 3. “3 more days til halloween, halloween. three more days til halloween, silver shamrock!” what a terrible movie.

yesterday was a typical tuesday, i mean, it was just… there. you know that feeling where nothing is that great and nothing is bad? well that’s a tuesday. you’re getting through the week, and dammit, tuesday’s in the way. fatass tuesdays.

me in english. this is an irrelevant picture.

uh, anyways. the second store was the one in the mall, which is a little better in the costume department. they had stripey tights and fake eyelashes and a nifty sherriff’s badge. i went to spencer’s (which i hate anyways) and they had nothing. next door to spencer’s was the pet shop. observe.

this fox is your god. it’s getting so big!

i drove my van which was overheating to get it fixed, which would cost $465. they called me today and said that the problem wasn’t with the water pump, it was with something else, which was under warranty. so it would be free.

oh, just a quick note, a certain girl is just not cute at all. did you wake up that way this morning?

i just got home from cruising to orlando with jen, rebecca, and the brazilian exchange student cynthia. bought a cardigan sweater and tank top from hot topic. they went lingerie shopping and homecoming dress shopping. i’m glad i’m through with that part. i saw john and his way cute lady friend at the mall. on the ride home, we put the convertible top down and went along the highway at 85 mph. meep, my face tingles.

thank you to tasha, dom, and jaclynn for sending me my first fan art!

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